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English Summer Camps

English proficiency is very important in today’s globalized world. Being an international language and crucial for coveted career opportunities, everyone takes pains to learn English. Thus there is a great demand for proficiency in English.
We offer you the opportunity of having English Summer Camp in your school for your students and teachers (General and Academic) in a fun and enjoyable way with British ELT professional, thus spending their holidays in a qualitative way. This can be your unique chance to be distinct from others in the stiffly competitive education industry as well as a great learning experience for your students.
Brit Fort English Hub is linked with London based UK registered company that offers education services to international clients. We run English summer camps in a few selected schools in India.
In your school, our qualified native English language teachers will tailor-cut language courses such as games, arts and craft, sports and songs that are focused to improve English speaking and listening skills using Oxford methodology.We have our own learning program and Our British teachers go through intensive selection process and are TEFL (Teacher of English as a foreign language) qualified.
The courses we offer can be customised to meet your needs and timings. Courses are intensive, five days a week and provide full immersion in the British education system.

BRIT FORT ENGLISH HUB is a distinctive institute at FORT COCHIN which helps to easily realise the long cherished aspirations about English mastery and proficiency. We offer both STAY and STUDY CAMPS and ON YOUR DOORSTEP programmes in which the scope and potential of the ICT and the internet for teaching and learning are productively exploited to maximise the outcome.