Brit Fort English Hub is glad to introduce IELTS STAY and STUDY CAMPS in which your much cherished desire of getting coveted bands in IELTS, can be brought within your easy reach. Here we begin to script golden history in IELTS training.

We hereby introduce 2 weeks in-house training programme for IELTS aspirants.

Our special features gift you with :
* Uniquely tailored modules
* Trainers par excellence
* Incomparable infrastructure
* Periodic practice tests
* Learner-customized modules.
* State-of-the art multimedia language lab.
* Practical fluency training with native speakers.
* Edutaining methods of instruction.
* Group discussions & debates in house boats.
* Down-to-earth approach to teaching and learning.
* Participatory learning with individual pace.

Come, join with us, and achieve your dreams !!