BRIT FORT ENGLISH HUB is a distinctive institute at FORT COCHIN which helps you easily realise your long cherished aspirations about English mastery and proficiency. We offer both in-house and out-house programmes in which the scope and potential of the ICT and the internet for teaching and learning are productively exploited to maximise the outcome. We are intent on ensuring each of our students’ communicative competence, comprehensive command over all the skills in English.

Our experienced instructors help identify students’ linguistic needs and consequently place them in environments in which they are interactively challenged to communicate in the target language in an amiable, stimulating manner. The mode of instruction followed at BRIT FORT is characterised by individual attention, self-pace, participatory learning, ample exposure and consistent review of the progress, methodology and materials. As a holistic solution to your much haunted question of impressive command of communicative and presentation skills in English, stay and study with us just for 19 days in a completely Anglophonic atmosphere and feel and enjoy the distinctive difference we offer. We are a language institute but with many difference …

Our features:

* No1 residential spoken English centre in India.
* Internationally renowned instructors
* Learner-customized modules.
* State-of-the art multimedia language lab.
* Practical fluency training with native speakers.
* Edutaining methods of instruction.
* Group discussions & debates in house boats.
* Down-to-earth approach to teaching and learning.
* Participatory learning with individual pace.


IELTS Training
BRITFORTBrit Fort English Hub is glad to introduce you coveted bands in IELTS, within your easy reach. Here we begin to script golden history in IELTS training.

We hereby introduce 25 days in-house training programme for IELTS aspirants.

Our special features gift you with :

1. Uniquely tailored modules
2. Trainers par excellence
3.Incomparable infrastructure
4. Periodic practice tests
Come, join with us, and achieve your dreams !!!

Trip Lingua

Travelling is one of the best means of learning, experiencing realities , encountering cultural oddities and picking pearls of lovable memories. It’s equally a plentiful means to learn, practice, and perfect one’s second/foreign language skills in exceptionally realistic situations. Yet another uniquely innovative method of learning and teaching English from Britfort is all set for take off. Trip Lingua is a Britfortian brainchild of bringing English to your lips with the same ease of speaking your mother tongue. Our trainers take you to international destinations on a trip stunningly packed with communication skills and entertainment. It is a unique blend of English and entertainment at an enticingly affordable rate. Grab Your Chance…..Grease your English…..and Get a lot more…… Mind you tongue…mend your speech ….assuredly with fun!

Our features:

* Blending language and entertainment for multi-fold outcome
* Opportunity for cultural encounters and visits to top-level language learning centres
* Nonstop English on your lips from start to finish
* Learning by going and gaining while enjoying.

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